Scottish Parliament Elections 2021

On Thursday 6th May every vote will count if we are to elect a government which will puts a national economic recovery from Covid at the forefront of the Scottish Parliamentís agenda.

Scottish Labour's National Recovery will include:


A JOBS RECOVERY: Guaranteeing a job for every young Scot by investing in a National Training Fund and a Business Restart Fund.


A NHS RECOVERY: Funding our NHS to get cancer treatment back on track, improve mental health, and give carers the pay they deserve.


An EDUCATION RECOVERY: Developing a comeback plan which invests in schools and delivers a personal comeback plan for every pupil.


A CLIMATE RECOVERY: Investing in green jobs and seizing Scotland's hosting of COP26 to champion an ambitious climate justice plan.


A COMMUNITY RECOVERY: Creating a community recovery fund to invest in local areas and make our communities safer and stronger.

Scottish Labour in Government will focus on a National Recovery Plan. It will be our only priority.  To read more details of our recovery plan you can read our manifesto by clicking here.

However, to be able to enact this bold and sensible plan we need to ensure we return as many Labour MSPs as possible in May.  Here in Renfrewshire, we three hard-working candidates who are dedicated to delivering a recovery which benefits everyone in our society, and on building a better Scotland within the United Kingdom.

On Thursday 6th May we ask that cast your constituency ballot for your Scottish Labour candidate and your regional ballot for the Scottish Labour Party.

To find our who your local Labour candidate is please click on your town or village on the map below.

Renfrewshire North and West - Johanna Baxter

"Our Country stands poised on the threshold of a decade more divided within itself, more uncertain of the future than perhaps any other period in our history.

We need to win power for the many whilst keeping true to our radical values. 

As Head of Local Government for UNISON Scotland, representing 80,000 workers, I know the reality of fighting for those principles on the frontline. My track record is one of delivery Ė last year I led negotiations that resulted in the best local government pay settlement in a decade and during the Covid pandemic Iíve been at the forefront of calls for better equipment to protect staff and investment to secure jobs.

Iíve campaigned here in every election, under every leader, since I joined the Party 24 years ago. Coming from a working-class family in Ayrshire, whose grandad was a Killoch pit miner and Polish migrant, Labourís values are my values and Iíve been fighting for them all my life.  I have been championing the Labour cause at every election since I joined the Party aged 16 years old.

I know, and care deeply about, the issues facing constituents here - the desperate need to deliver high quality jobs to our area and lift people out of poverty.

As a leading campaigner and trade unionist I believe I have the skills and experience needed to take the fight to the SNP Government and be a powerful advocate for the West of Scotland."

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Please remember to use both your votes for Scottish Labour

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Paisley - Neil Bibby

Neil was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in 1983. He attended local Renfrewshire schools before being the first in his family to go to university.

He obtained an MA degree in Social Sciences from the University of Glasgow, during which time he worked as a cinema usher, bar worker and kitchen porter to fund his studies.

Neil lives in Paisley with his wife Hazel and two children. Living in Paisley, Neil understands the issues facing our community because he sees them each day - his children go to local schools, he travels to work using public transport and buys from local shops.

Neil will always oppose the SNPís cuts and closures at the RAH because itís his local hospital too - heís one of us.

For years, Neil has been fighting our corner and raising issues on our behalf as an MSP for the West Scotland region. He has been fighting against the downgrading of the RAH and has stood with workers when their jobs have been on the line.

Neil knows Paisley deserves better and will always put Paisley first.

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Please remember to use both your votes for Scottish Labour

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Renfrewshire South - Paul O'Kane

Paul O'Kane is the Scottish Labour candidate for Renfrewshire South at the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

Paul is standing to be a strong local voice for the community he grew up in. Paul is working to ensure better services for local people and to be a champion for the towns and villages of the constituency.

Paul wants ensure that every young person in our community has the chance to thrive and succeed no matter their background. Paul wants to put an end to unfair cuts from the SNP and ensure that local Councils get the funding they need to fund the services we value.


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Please remember to use both your votes for Scottish Labour

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