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On this page you will find information about local campaigns which Renfrewshire Labour are running and local initiatives which we support.

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Renfrewshire Council Elections 2022

On Thursday 5th May the people of Renfrewshire went to the polls, Labour saw a modest increase in its numbers giving the Renfrewshire Council Labour group a total of 15 Councillors.

Our candidates and supporters are deeply grateful to every voter who entrusted their vote to their local Labour candidates and we will endeavour to repay that trust by serving as a robust opposition to the Council administration, demanding better quality services and a better management of council resources.  Our team of Councillor's will build on this result and demonstrate the benefit of Labour voices in the Council and rebuild trust with the voters so that they continue to be confident in entrusting Labour candidates with their votes in future elections.

Details of our Labour Council team can be found here.

Kids Need Our Ward (KNOW)

Of all the things Labour can be proud of achieving in government, the one that towers above the rest is our National Health Service.  Nearly 70 years ago, a Labour government set up the NHS based on patient need, not the ability the pay. It is doubtless that anyone here in Renfrewshire has not called on the NHS when they or someone they care for needed medical help.

But now, after a decade of an SNP Government at Holyrood, our health service is in distress.

As a result of the SNPís mismanagement NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are proposing to close the paediatric ward at the RAH and move children's in patient care to either Yorkhill or the Royal Hospital for Children at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

The Kids Need Our Ward (KNOW) campaign, spearheaded by local people who are deeply alarmed by these proposals has been supported from the outset by the local Labour Party and we have joined the groups members at events aimed at highlighting to the wider population of Renfrewshire the threat facing our Children's Ward.

This month, local Labour MSP Neil Bibby, members of Renfrewshire Council's Labour Group, along with our general election candidates, Alison Taylor and Alison Dowling joined with concerned parents and local residents at a protest event attended by Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale MSP and Labour's Shadow Health Minister Anas Sarwar MSP.

Neil Bibby MSP, our local Councillors and general election candidates were also on hand to support members of the KNOW campaign when the SNP Health Minister Shona Robison paid a fleeting visit to Paisley to attend an invitation only meeting arranged by SNP MP Mhairi Black which shut out many of the key members of the KNOW campaign from having their voices heard.

Labour fully support keeping our Children's Ward open and we will fight every day to protect our NHS: it is in our DNA.

Together We're Stronger

Last year, the SNP Scottish Government announced plans to seek a second referendum on the issue of Scottish independence less than three years after the people of Scotland gave a firm No to such a proposal.

We do not believe it is in the interests of Scotland to pursue a further divisive referendum or seek separation from the rest of the UK, our biggest trading partners.  To do so would compound the economic uncertainties which Brexit will create for Scottish families and Scottish businesses and which would still leave Scotland outside the E.U. in a much weakened position if applying for E.U. membership.

In pushing for a second independence referendum the SNP have exposed their desire for separation at any cost.  Scottish Labour this week have published a report detailing a decade of division which has been caused by the SNPs focus on separation and the damaging impact that this has had on Scotlandís public services. 

The Nationalists have been in power in Scotland for ten years and in that time:

  • The gap between the richest and rest in our schools has grown.

  • Seven out of eight key health targets are not being met.

  • Our police service faces a funding shortfall of almost £200million.

  • Rail passengers have faced cancellations, delays and overcrowding on a daily basis.

You can read the full report by clicking here

Labour in Renfrewshire and Labour in Scotland believes that together we're stronger. If you agree then join the fight against a divisive second independence referendum and sign our pledge at


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